Quality Fruit Trees from the South

Located in the heart of East Texas, Legg Creek Farm
is a nursery offering high quality fruit trees adapted to the southern United States. Beautiful Legg Creek flows near the farm, with a native riparian forest located on the banks.
Legg Creek Farm exists to serve its customers and friends, in both the southern U.S. and the entire country, by providing quality fruit trees that can handle the temperature extremes associated with gardening in the South.

We are continually adding inventory, so check back as often as you like. Call or email if you have any questions about availability. We will remove items from the site if they are out of stock.

There is a sense of independence and self-reliance when you grow your own food, whether fruit trees or other garden plants. We want our customers and friends to experience this independence. Our mission is for you to successfully grow fruit trees and other plants. We are here to help you in that endeavor. All of our plants are backed by our guarantee!

Founder Trey Watson has been growing and selling plants since he was in college, where he attained a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and a Master of Science in Environmental Science. He is passionate about people getting to experience the satisfaction and freedom of growing their own fruit. He also writes books about gardening in the South.

From our family to yours!

Company History

Legg Creek Farm opens it’s doors as a small local delivery nursery (using Craigslist!). Then we started this website…

For more than 12 years, we’ve worked with local and online customers to grow and provide quality, heat-tolerant fruit trees to gardeners and orchards.

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Trey Watson