Frequently asked questions:

What are chill hours?

You’ll notice a number of chill hours listed for most of the plants on this website. Chill hours are the number of hours below 45° F over winter in a given geographic area. Winter chill hours trigger the proper of level of dormancy for the fruit tree, which allows it to bloom and produce fruit. For best fruit tree growing results, select trees that will get enough winter chilling in your area. Here’s a map of winter chill hours in the United States:

What is bare root?

Bare root is the term used to describe dormant trees and other plants that are removed from the ground and transplanted. Bare root plants usually have more longevity and vigor than container grown, since they were never pot-bound. They are also significantly less expensive, which is why bare root trees are planted by orchards across the temperate regions of the world.

Can I visit the farm?

So this one is a tough one…The short answer is no. There are a few reasons for this: 1) Safety. When we are moving trees and running everywhere, I get nervous with people who aren’t working here being around. It’s busy and it’s often a 7 days a week job while we are at our busy time in the middle of winter. 2) It’s a mess. When we’re shipping trees, there is no time even for cleaning up boxes, box pieces, paper, and other things. We do eventually clean up and recycle, but there are times when it’s not a nice location for the public to come shop. It can start looking ugly, to be honest. 3) We have limited staff and time. This is a big one. We keep as small a crew as possible to keep prices low and to still get trees out to customers. Since we ship over 10,000 trees per year, our priority is getting trees out to customers who ordered through this website. We don’t have the staff (at this point) to have walk-in customers on the farm. Sorry! 🙁

We do, however, attend our local farmer’s market in season (watch the Facebook page). We can also meet people with orders on occasion if you set it up with us in advance. We do want to meet you! October-April we should be at the Douglass, TX farmer’s market on the first Saturday of each month 🙂

What does your guarantee cover?

Our guarantee covers any plant you get from us that doesn’t sprout. If it stays a bare stick, then we will replace it for free the following season, shipping you a replacement at no charge. It does not cover plants that you purchased here that are not producing because they aren’t suitable for your area. It also doesn’t cover trees that sprout, grow and then die, since those tree fatalities are out of our control. If you have questions on our guarantee, please let us know. We always honor it. If it doesn’t sprout – we reship you a new plant for free the following season! 🙂

Can I buy trees for resale?

Yes you can! Contact us and check out our bulk/wholesale page. We usually offer a discount on top of the wholesale price, plus free shipping to anywhere in the US, depending on the volume you’re ordering. We can also provide you bulk trees for your orchard.

Have any other questions? Let us know at