Besides providing retail customers with quality fruit trees, Legg Creek Farm, LLC is also pleased to offer fruit tree stock for commercial or hobby orchard growers.

Whether you are doing a planting of 20-30 trees or a planting of 2000 trees, we can help you by providing you below retail priced fruit trees of every variety listed on this website.

Our bulk order page has trees that can be ordered at discounted prices if you are interested in ordering 10 or more trees of one variety. For orders in excess of 100 trees, additional discounts will be added, with increasing discounts for larger orders. Rest assured that we will provide you the best quality trees and each one will be backed by our guarantee. Our trees have been planted in orchards across Texas and the United States.

We are also available for free consultation via email, phone, or text. We want to help you be successful! Please feel free to contact us with questions.

Did you know that a single apple tree can produce over $11,000 worth of produce over a 20 year period? An orchard of fruit trees can produce thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of produce for your own use or for resale. Demand for fresh produce produced locally is growing and food prices are increasing, so now is a great time to plant an orchard….and we want to help!

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Grow Your Own Fruit & Save

Cost for one apple tree


Cost for fertilizer

$100 / Tree

Years of peak production

20 Years

Pounds of Apples

400 lbs

Cost of Apples

$1.47 / lb

Total Savings

$588 x 20 = $11,670