Blueberry Plants

Blueberry Plants

Our blueberry plants are two year old plants that are 18-24" tall. These plants are container grown, and are coming to you straight from the farm to you! Our blueberries are propagated and grown in the heart of East Texas blueberry country.

About Blueberry Plants

The blueberries we provide to our customers are improved varieties of rabbiteye. Many varieties of blueberries are self-fertile, but others are not. For best fruit set, we recommend that you plant at least two different varieties of the same general type (i.e., southern highbush or rabbiteye).


Because our blueberries are improved cultivars of plants that are native to Texas, and much of the southern US, very few pests do harm to blueberry plants. This makes blueberries an ideal low maintenance crop for the home gardener.

Site location

Blueberries need full sun, slightly acidic soil, and adequate water for best production. Much of the southeastern US has fairly acidic soil naturally, due to the presence of pine trees. If you aren't sure whether you soil is acidic or not, you can have your soil tested, or add pine straw of peat moss as a mulch. If you have had success with azaleas, camellias, or rhododendrons in a particular soil, then you should be able to grow blueberries! Blueberry plants need water for adequate production, so make sure you can get water to them if things get dry.

Legg Creek Farm Blueberry Plants
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