Chickasaw Plum

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Chickasaw plum (Prunus augustifolia) is a native American plum tree, growing over a wide range in the southern U.S. It is almost completely pest-free and very low maintenance, producing small, juicy plums each year. Chickasaw plum trees are short, normally reaching a maximum height of 12 feet. Blooms in the Spring cover the tree, making an attractive landscape plant. It is widely adapted to all soil types except strongly alkaline soils.

Like other fruit trees, Chickasaw plum does best in full sun, though they tolerate some shade. Chickasaw plums are juicy and tart. Native Americans cultivated this wild plum and harvested the fruit. Fruit ripens mid-summer and can be eaten fresh or made into jelly.

NOTE: Chickasaw plum spreads through root suckers. One tree planted and left alone will make a thicket!

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