Granny Smith Apple

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The Granny Smith apple originated in 1868 from some apples by Mrs. Thomas Smith of Australia. Fruit is medium to large, waxy, grassy-green color. Firm and bruise resistant. Hardy, crisp, juicy, white flesh. Fairly sweet with a somewhat tart taste. Excellent quality eating and cooking apple. Keeps good texture during baking. Excellent shelf life. Very vigorous tree. Good productivity. Self-fertile. Tree thrives in hot climates. Becoming a popular commercial variety. Resistant to cedar apple rust. 500-600 chill hours Zones 5-9. Granny Smith does not need a pollination partner but fruiting is improved when planted near Enterprise dwarf, Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp, Jonathan, Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Southern Crabapple.

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