Winesap Apple Tree

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The Winesap apple is an heirloom variety. It is becoming a popular variety in the US. Winesap apples are good for eating, juice, and baking. Juicy and tart, the Winesap apple has a crisp, yellowish flesh covered with a deep red skin. Stores well, and fruit is large The flesh is tinged with yellow and sometimes red veins run through it. It is a firm, rather coarse, moderately crisp apple with a slightly acidic. Pollinate with Fuji, Red Delicious, Gala, Yellow Delicious, or any self-pollinating apple. Winesap will not act as a pollinator. Winesap is a triploid variety and requires two other varieties of apple trees to pollinate them. 800 chill hours. Zones 4-8.

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