Thank you for visiting - please come back in June at which time you will be able to place a pre-order for shipping next season. Our bareroot shipping season is in the winter while the plants are dormant- late November/December through March. Thanks for 13 years online - so far!

IF YOU ARE LOCAL TO DOUGLASS, TX, we have the following container trees available for pick up (4/2023):

Container trees available:

Enterprise apple (approx 10)

Halls hardy almond (approx 10)

Winesap (12)

Blushing golden apple (2)

Perdue pear (2)

Cinnamon spice apple (3)

Large halls hardy (2)

Noble muscadine (4)

Rubrum plum (8)

Elberta peach (2)

Ranger peach (9)

Moorpark apricot (4)

Eastern red cedar (8)

Small gala apple (5)

Small Fuji apple (2)

Karla rose (8)


Southern sugar maple (8)

Sun prince peach (3)

Sentinel peach (4)

Red gold (5)

Reliance grape (5)

Black Spanish (1)

Red mulberry (10)

Allegheny chinquapin

Belle of Georgia (2)

Dixie land (1)

Live oaks (8)

Red indian peach (4)

Pineapple guava (10)

Bright pink crape myrtle (10)

Black walnut (3)