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This is the Orchard Care Kit is back! It includes:

5 white tree guards ($15 value) - for protecting trunks. These quality plastic wraps protect trees of all sizes from rodent or deer damage to the trunk. I've lost too many trees to rodent nibbles and, um, the occasional weedeater. These guards protect the trunks from such damage.

1 stainless bypass pruner ($10 value) - for light pruning of diseases or poorly growing branches. Also works for general pruning in winter. We used these to prune fruit trees this most recent winter and they were awesome.

1 roll of professional orchard quality bird scaring reflective tape ($10 value) - Used in commercial orchards to reduce bird damage to fruit.

20 fruit protection bags ($10 value) - for protecting fruit organically. These little mesh bags, with very tight mesh, cover the fruit and physically keep out many insect pests, including coddling moths.

Organocide Bee Safe 3-in-1 garden spray (24 oz ready to use - $16.00 value) - Effective pest and disease control that doesn't harm bees! This ready-to-use spray is great for insect control and a good basic fungicide for all plants.

Organocide Systemic Fungicide concentrate - 1 pint ($23 value) - This is an excellent, broad-based, eco-friendly systemic fungicide (http://www.yourplantdoctor.com/organocide-plant-do...). This is a phosphorus-based fungicide that also covers soil-borne diseases such as root rot. If you want a reliable, quality fungicide that is low toxicity (though not technically organic), this is it. It will do the job.

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