Peach Trees

Along with apples, peaches are America's favorite fruit. Most likely originating in China, peach trees have been cultivated for thousands of years. Peaches were cultivated in Europe before the birth of Christ and they were brought to North America with colonists. Thomas Jefferson was one of the first Americans to grow peaches on a large scale, though commerical production didn't begin until the 1800's.

Over the years, peach varieties have been bred that allow peach trees to grow over a wide range of the United States. Legg Creek Farm has selected a number of peach varieties that grow very well in the southern U.S., including in USDA zone 9.

Peach trees are self-fertile and do not need a pollinator. Our varieties are standard trees, which means they will grow to around 15-20 feet if left unpruned. Peach trees can be pruned to whatever size you want...which is great! Our standard-sized trees are strong and they produce heavily. The rootstock is Nemaguard. Here are the peaches we have:

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